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Roof Trusses

Our truss systems are born and raised, not manufactured.  They are born out of a customer’s idea.  Nurtured by a dedicated sales professional who double check foundations measurements.  Schooled by a studious design engineer, optimizing bearing points, loads, pitches and aesthetic appeal.  Raised by a passionate production staff, whose WTCA trained quality control, home out imperfections and leaves only the finest product.  Finally, graduation day, as it gently rolls off one of our many tilt bed semi trailers at the construction site, ready to be hoisted upon its new perch.


Roof truss have been the hallmark of Lumber Specialties, they are what the company was born from in 1983.  As the construction industry has evolved since then so have we, implementing cutting edge design and manufacturing process.  Many, too advanced to even be shared!  However, between our CAD  design software, robotic saws, laser and autonomous puck driven  assembly tables, I think you get my drift.  We are going to be building great trusses for a very long time.